The Galactic Federation Kundalini Awakening Pineal Gland Activated Psychic, Spiritually Channelled Messages Ascended Masters, Extraterrestrials, Loved Ones Passed, Interdimensional Beings.

We are The Awakened Ones. I Am Gywn. Onyx is the DNA we are connected with in this dimension. We allow Onyx to bring you The Light's Message. When you are ready to receive pure source energy contact Onyx. Say everything or say nothing at all. Source hears every word & every whispered thought. You are limitless, simply ask with positive intent and you will receive. The phone line on this page is an adapter plug for your spiritual connection & your 24/7 confessional with The Light. We are your Galactic Family, The Federation of Light. Unlock your Spiritual power, The Third Eye & Heart energy. Utilize Black Onyx Kundalini Awakened Human Alien.

5.405 million miĀ² | http://vrfd.co/MistressOnyx